No, The ThopTv app is not available on Google Playstore and if you want to use it then you have to download the app from their website or from other third-party app stores which is not safe at all. Google already told android users to not download any app from other third-party platforms.

Is Using ThopTv App Safe?

When you are downloading ThopTv or any other apps from third-party and not trusted websites then it can contain malware and viruses, which can let your phone hacked and your data also can be shared.

Is Using ThopTv Legal?

No, using Thoptv and other apps or websites which provide movies or paid and copyrighted content to users freely without any permission from the owner is Illegal. And that is why Google does not allow ThopTv’s app in the Google Play Store.

Is Watching IPL From ThopTv Good?

No, When you will watch IPL from ThopTv, the live video will buffer and your experience for the match will not be good. My suggestion to you is, If you are a good fan of IPL then just go and buy the plan of Hotstar or recharge your mobile number which includes Hotstar’s free subscription and watch the IPL without any problem from Hotstar.

From Which Country ThopTv Invented?

Of course, India. ThopTv is Invented in India and most users of the app are from India.

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