How much time will it take to return BGMI to India? 

There were players who were playing the Indian Version of PUBG Mobile 

Suddenly, BGMI was removed from Play Store and Apple Store in July 2022.

There are 50 million downloads of BGMI in the Play Store. 

The game was banned due to some sort of direct or indirect communication with Chinese servers.

Many reports are saying that officials of BGMI are meeting with the Indian government and discussing how they can bring the game back. 

Currently, Android and IOS users can play BGMI as the servers of the game are active and there is no ISP-level block done. 

To know how to play the BGMI game on IOS, Swipe up.

The game can take time to be back again as many days have passed, but the game is not coming back. 

I will suggest you download and play the game with tricks. For Android users, it's super easy. For IOS users just SWIPE UP.