Elon Musk Blocked Starlink Satellite Internet Services in Crimea.

Elon Musk Personally Denied the request to Enable Starlink Internet Services by Ukraine.

Ukraine requested Starlink Internet in Crimea because it will help Ukrainian Army to have an Internet Connection While reclaiming Crimea.

Elon Musk fears that any effort to reclaim Crimea can start a Nuclear War.

Already, Starlink is providing Internet Services to Ukrainian Army and Civilians as fiber cables are destroyed.

At the start of the Russia-Ukraine War in February. Musk and US Government provided thousands of Starlink satellites to Ukraine.

Crimea was annexed by Russia back in 2014 from Ukraine, which Ukraine wants back.

Musk Proposed a Ukraine peace plan. Which is seen as aligning with Russia's interests.

Elon Musk is seen to comment on Geo Politics. Some days ago he also proposed a peace deal about China-Taiwan Conflict.

He proposed to give Taiwan to China as a "Special Zone" like Hongkong. Swipe up to read more.