Liz Truss resigns from PM post after 45 days.

Liz Truss became PM of the United Kingdom on 6th September after Boris Johnson resigns as PM of the UK. 

She is an member of Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, from where Boris Johnson blong.

The opposition is demanding a fresh election after this incident.

Liz Truss failed to maintain the Economy of the UK. Which led to her power being gone.

The currency of the UK is in very bad condition after Liz Truss gave tax cuts to rich citizens.

Rishi Sunak another member of the same party as Liz Truss said tax cuts will hit UK's economy but she ignored him.

There are high chance that the next PM of the UK will be Rishi Sunak, an Indian Origin UK citizen.

There will be voting in the internal party to select the next PM of the UK.

Under Liz Truss, the free trade agreement with India has been delayed. Expected it will be renewed after the new PM.