Best 5 Indian Banks to receive Google AdSense Payments


HDFC Bank is a Indian Private bank which is considered as the best bank to receive Google Adsense Payments.

The Dollar rate of this bank is better then other private banks and HDFC credit the amount into your bank account very fast compared to others.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India is the largest and most popular bank in India. It is a Government owned bank. Known for bad user experiences.

With bad experience this bank provides best Dollar rates among the all banks in India but this bank take so much time to credit the amount to users bank.


ICICI is a well known and repudiate private bank in India. It's services and customer support is top level.

ICICI is best if you want tour payments very fast sometimes within 24 hours. But ICICI Bank's Dollar rate is bad compared to State Bank of India and HDFC Bank.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank is a one of the most famous bank in India. With great services and customer support. But Axis Bank's charges are very high compared to ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

Axis Bank's Dollar rate is one of the worst compared to SBI, HDFC and ICICI bank. It is good if you want your payment faster but I will not recommend you this bank.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is a Government owned Indian Bank. The services of this bank is good but not top level.

Because it is a Government bank that's why this bank is good for Dollar rates but your payment can be delayed.