Tharki Meaning | Detailed Meaning of Tharki

Tharki is a Hindi word used to categorize a person who has bad thoughts about their opposite gender. Tharki can be a male and female. This word is very famous among the young generation of India. These types of words were not famous enough that all over India would know but after the coming of the Internet, Hindi Youtubers and Memers started to make videos with these words which is the cause behind of the fam of this word.

What is the meaning of Tharki

The meaning of Tharki is simply a person who has bad thoughts about their opposite gender can be referred to as Tharki.

Is Tharki a bad word?

Yes, Tharki is considered a bad word in Hindi. But, this is not a major bad word, means it can be ignored because of its funny meaning.

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