December 2021

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What is The National Vegetable of Kerala?

National Vegetable of Kerala, Kerala is a consumer state as far as vegetables are concerned. The major share of the fresh vegetable supply for the state comes from neighboring Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The availability of fresh vegetables in states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu can be attributed to the presence of good quality soil and the availability of hydropower facilities.

What is The National Vegetable of India?

National Vegetable of India, Vegetables are a group of plants that are eaten by humans, other animals, and insects. They are part of a larger family called the flowering plants. The term “vegetable” is widely used in India to refer to any plant with edible parts such as leaves and flowers.

Is Using ThopTv App Safe? | Is It Legal To Use?

ThopTv is a famous platform for film piracy and showing Indian Premium League or IPL without permission. The app is used by many Indian users to watch IPL freely. The app also provided many web series which are paid to watch but users can watch them on ThopTv freely and that is Illegal.

Angry Prash Real Face? Why Angry Prash Hide His Face

Angry Prash aka Prashant is a famous Indian YouTuber with over 5.46 million subscribers and 800+ million views on YouTube. He is famous for creating very funny videos with his excellent animation skills. His fan base is based on his channels logo, his fans have not seen his face yet. The reason his fans didn’t see his face is just simple, Prash didn’t reveal it yet.

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