Why Technical Guruji’s Channel is Going Down?

Why Technical Guruji's Channel Is Going Down

Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary is a famous Indian YouTuber living in Dubai, UAE. Guruji has the biggest Technical Indian YouTube channel with over 21.9 million subscribers and over 2.8 billion total views on YouTube.

He is a very dedicated person. He is consistent to upload 2 videos per day known for his consistency. But consistency is not everything that YouTube and normal viewers want.

There was a time when his channel was growing like the current value of Bitcoin, but currently, his channel’s most videos are not touching 100k views on YouTube.

This problem is not only affected him but already affected many YouTubers. Including old YouTuber Sharmaji Technical and many more.

If you want to compare then there are foreign Technical YouTubers who have the same subscribers as Guruji but they are getting millions of views, for example, “Marques Brownlee” and also there are many channels that have lower subscribers than Guruji but their viewership is very good for example “Tech Burner“.

This thing is becoming very sensitive because he has over 20 million subscribers and he is not getting 100k views, can you imagine that? This is a very concerning thing.

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What Are The Reasons For This Problem?

There are many problems with this problem. The first problem is YouTube’s algorithm. Channels that are old enough, YouTube’s Algorithm just stops promoting these channels.

As you can see that “Sharmaji Technical” and “Technical Guruji” these channels are many years old and that is why YouTube thinks that “These channels have already many subscribers so instead of promoting these channels we should promote new channels” and that’s why these channels lose views.

The second reason is dispute, dislike, and negativity. Technical Guruji’s many videos were faced hate and dislikes sometimes in the past. And once his channel was terminated but he got it back.

YouTube’s Algorithm doesn’t promote some types of videos including Disputed content and disliked content and a channel that has earned many guideline strikes in the past.

And Guruji’s channel is one of them. But not for all channels there are many channels which are not affected for this for but Guruji’s got.

The third reason is he is not changed his content or has not updated his content and video-making style. His videos are the same as it was before 2 to 3 years. So, there are many new peoples who are coming to YouTube to watch videos and they want good quality and new generation content but Guruji’s channel is not providing it.

And people should update with time who are not updated with time the history has proved that they fell. This example is also valid for many companies.

And the fourth reason is and the biggest and main reason for this is when Guruji started his channel he start uploading videos related to giveaways and giveaways.

When a YouTuber uploads a video on giveaways they say that “if you want to win this giveaway then you have to subscribe to my channel and like this video and share this video” this is a good thing but Guruji did a mistake.

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He never stopped uploading these types of videos and eventually, he got many subscribers but they are not interested in Technical related videos they just want to win giveaways and that’s why they subscribed.

That’s why whenever Guruji uploads any giveaway video the video cross millions of views but when he uploads normal technical videos then his videos are not crossing 100k views currently.

Guruji’s most subscribers are from giveaways and they are not interested to watch guruji’s videos that is why he has 20 million subscribers but his views are not even crossing 100k.

Other Tech YouTuber’s Response

Many YouTubers reacted to this incited including two tech YouTubers “Technical Sagar” and “Technical Dost”. Sagar didn’t mention Guruji’s name as he has had a controversy with him in the past but Technical Dost mentioned Guruji’s name on the video.

Sagar said the same problems and he added that my subscriber base is genuine and wants to watch technical videos. And he said he knew that giveaways and unboxing are good for a short time but for a long time it is bad for the channel.

Besides, he also uploads videos on giveaways and unboxing but not many. And similar statement has been given by Technical Dost.

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