Ajjubhai Real Face, Face Reveal of Total Gaming?

Ajjubhai Real Face

Total Gaming aka Ajjubhai is an Indian YouTuber with over 30 million subscribers and a total of 5.2 billion views on YouTube. He is a gaming streamer of the famous game “Free Fire”. He streams and uploads videos, related to mobile gaming and mostly related to Free Fire.

He has 5 Other YouTube channels which he listed in his main channel. The total subscribers of them cross 80 million (excluded Total Gaming*). He has over 3.1 million followers on Instagram, 4.1 million followers on Facebook, and 113k followers on Twitter. He is currently the most subscribed gaming channel on YouTube in India.

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Ajjubhai Real Face

His channel and his works and his voice are so popular but his face is not. The reason behind this is he did not reveal his face yet same as Angry Prash. The fans are very crazy to see his real face but he did not reveal his face currently.

What Ajjubhai says about his face reveal?

Total gaming uploaded a QNA video on his main channel “Total Gaming” on 12 August 2020, and he replied to his fan’s questions about his face reveal and he says that he planned to reveal his face near 2023 and 2025 not now. Click here to watch the QnA video by Total Gaming.

Video Credit: Total Gaming
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What does he say about the videos on the internet which claim to show ajjubhai’s real face?

He simply said that these videos are fake videos. The videos which claim to show Ajjubhai’s real face are all fake in his QnA video. Many YouTubers uploaded videos related to this topic but the videos and evidence they provided are fake according to Total Gaming.

Source: Total Gaming

Why Many YouTubers Don’t Reveal Face?

YouTubers are so popular and maybe there is a personal problem that is why they don’t want to show their face to the world. Also, there is also a reason and that is maybe he feels insecure.

I want to tell them that if you have the second problem then I will suggest that, please reveal your face because that will be more secure than before.

Is There Any Other YouTuber Who Did not Reveal His Face?

Yes, of course, there are many. The top one is Angry Prash. He is a famous YouTuber for creates funny videos with his animation skills.

Do Other YouTubers Know Their Faces?

Yes, of course, other big YouTubers must know that who is behind these types of giant and big channels. Also, these YouTubers had personally revealed their face in front of other big YouTubers, there are many reasons for that.

The first reason is if he needs any type of help from these big YouTubers then they can contact them. Secondly, they surely wanted to be a friend of a big YouTuber like Ashish Chanchlani, But I am not saying that Ashish Chanchlani knows the face of AjjuBhai it was an example.

Does His Face Matters?

I don’t think that his face matters to me the reason behind this is I liked him because of his content his style and his quality of videos not because of his face. His face should not matter to the fans because are if they like the content then what is the need for his face?

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