What is the meaning of Passport Has Been Received From The Consular Section, and is Currently Being Processed For Delivery?

Many people apply for a US visa and they have to submit their passport to the Embassy. And then they wait for the response from the Embassy. After, Some days they receive an E-Mail which says “Passport Has Been Received From The Consular Section and is Currently Being Processed For Delivery” and they start to think what it means?

So, for them, I am going to tell you today, what is the meaning of “Passport Has Been Received From The Consular Section and is Currently Being Processed For Delivery“.

Meaning of Passport Has Been Received From The Consular Section and is Currently Being Processed For Delivery

It means your passport is going to deliver to you within 15 days from the Post. Your passport is safely received from the embassy and will be delivered to you by post to the address which you mentioned in the documents.

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How much time it will take to deliver?

Generally, It takes 15 days to deliver anything from the post. So, Wait for 15 days and you will receive your passport with the US Visa. Also, It can take more than the mentioned time, the reason may anything.

Is your passport safe?

Yes, be sure that your passport is in the safe hands if you have given them in the right hands. If you submitted the passport to the US Embassy then it is safe. Don’t be panic you will get your passport and if not then you can issue a new one.

What is a Passport?

Indian passport has long been one of the most demanding documents to obtain. Not only that but there are a lot of people who have never seen an Indian passport and don’t know what it looks like. They are more likely to take the opportunity to make fun of you when you have one.

In addition, there is considerable confusion about what an Indian passport actually is. What does it cover? If you’re worried that your OTP is not working or that your partner has forgotten your birthday, then the Indian passport might be the answer for you. However, if you want to travel to India on business and want to know whether or not your company’s information is available through your passport, then it will be necessary for you to read this article carefully.

An Indian passport is nothing more than a document issued by the government of India in order for its holders to visit other countries in foreign passports. In terms of paperwork, it takes roughly two weeks from the time of application until its official stamping hours at the airport with an additional four weeks from then until its actual issue date on your passport which can range from several days up until a week depending on how busy their office is at any given time during regular business hours.

A good thing about having an Indian passport is that it does not require any special training or instruction from anyone else in order for you to complete this formality.

The forms are very simple and do not require any special knowledge or expertise in order for you to fill out this part of the process and avoid unnecessary hassle later on when filling out other forms such as visas and immigration applications later on.

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