How To Upload Movies On YouTube Without Copyright?

We all watch movies and many people think that if the movie is old then the movie will be available on YouTube. And when anyone wants to watch a movie he or she must go first on YouTube to see whether the movie is available there for free or not.

Because he or she thinks that maybe it is available there and he disappoints and searches for the movie some other where.

And many people are trying to upload newly launched movies that are not available on YouTube maybe because it is blocked by YouTube for Copyright violations but many people try to upload copyrighted movies without knowing whether the movie is blocked or not and eventually his Youtube channel gets blocked by Youtube because of copyright strikes

So, Today I am going to tell you, what is the right way to upload any movie on YouTube without getting copyright strikes from YouTube.

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How To Upload Movies On YouTube Without Copyright?

First of all, I want to tell you that it is not possible to upload any newly launched super famous movie on Youtube because it will be 100 presently blocked by YouTube and also your channel.

But there are some ways that you can follow to overpass them.

Create an other account on YouTube

Don’t upload any movies on your main YouTube channel first. You have to create a second account which will be new and no videos will be there.

And you have to upload the movie there in the new channel first to check that did Youtube is giving copyright strick on the video or not. If YouTube is not giving copyright strick on that new account which you have created to test the movie then you will get to know that this movie can be uploaded on YouTube without worrying about copyright strick.

But if the test fails and your test channel got strick for uploading copyrighted content then you will get to know that the movie or the clip is copyrighted and blocked on YouTube and cannot be uploaded on YouTube without losing your main YouTube channel.

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Movies Can’t be uploaded on YouTube

The movies which released newly or movies which’s owners don’t want the movie here on YouTube freely to watch these types of movies can’t be uploaded on YouTube because YouTube doesn’t allow this to happen.

Paid Movie on YouTube

There are old movies that movie owners allowed YouTube to upload and to show freely on YouTube like the “KGF” but only on a particular or official channel. But there are many movies which are available on YouTube but you have to pay for that movie for example the “Bahubali“.

If you want to watch the movie KGF on YouTube then it is free to watch but in the case of Bahubali, you have to pay. So, this thing only depends on the owner of that particular movie that he allows it to show freely or paid.

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