Trick To See WhatsApp Status Without Letting Anyone Know | Android Users

See WhatsApp Status Of Anyone Without Letting Him Know | Trick For Android Users

When your relatives or anyone upload any kind of WhatsApp status but you want to see that particular WhatsApp status without letting him know that you have seen it. There is a trick for it and I am going to share it with you today.

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Firstly, download an application from Google Play Store called “WAMR” to download click here.


Now open the app and then set it up with your WhatsApp. Give the app full permissions which the app requires to work properly.


Then close the “WAMR” app and reopen the app and you can see a section with a download icon.

WAMR App Download Section


Tap the download icon on the sections of the app and then all your WhatsApp status can be seen from here without letting anyone know.

Note: Also this app can recover any deleted message from WhatsApp and you can download the status from WhatsApp without letting him know.

WARM Other Useful Features

The WARM app can be used for many other helpful features which include ” WhatsApp message recovery, WhatsApp status download also you can see messages of anyone from here in the app without opening WhatsApp.

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