PUBG Mobile vs PUBG NEW State Full Detailed Comparison

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG NEW State Full Detailed Comparison

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile is an internationally famous online multiplayer game developed and released by Krafton Inc. and Tencent Games. The game has crossed over 1 billion downloads in the world excluding India and China ( The most populated countries) because the game is banned there.

The game’s most of the players were from India but after the Indian Government decided to ban it the game is now not playable in India.

But now there is PUBG Mobile in India but with another name ( BGMI ) launched by Krafton Inc. so that they don’t miss the Indian potential. The Graphics of the game is just amazing and to play this game players must have a good phone.

PUBG New State

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New State or PUBG New State is also the same as PUBG Mobile but with some other features. New State was recently developed and launched by Krafton Inc. on 11 November 2021. Many peoples are saying that Krafton Inc. developed this game because the previous game which they developed with the help of a Chinese company got banned in many countries including India.

This game is a full copy of the PC version which is only developed by Krafton Inc. before. New States Graphics is just awesome.

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The size of the game in the Play Store is 1.4GB also after downloading the game when you open the game then you have to download again 700MB.

The game is not banned by any country till now and the game is gaining popularity worldwide. The game has over 10 million downloads worldwide. The graphics of This game is just as high level as PUBG Pc that’s why to play this game player’s phone has to be powerful.

Lags and Glitches

These two games have lags and glitches reported by many players. But PUBG Mobile is more optimized than the NEW State. The NEW State is not optimized as the PUBG Mobile. Many players’ phones can’t open the game.

So, In this, The PUBG Mobile won.


The NEW State has more realistic things than PUBG Mobile. Because NEW State is fully copied from the PC version that’s why the NEW State is more realistic and the movement and landing everything is more realistic than PUBG Mobile.

So, In this, The PUBG New State won.


This is the main part of these games. PUBG Mobile has good quality graphics but the NEW State has more quality graphics than PUBG Mobile. But New State’s graphics are very dark which is not good for me.

So, In this, The PUBG New State won.

Overall Quality

PUBG Mobile: The game is good and lags sometimes and requires a good phone to play. The game is realistic but not like the NEW State. And the overall Quality is good of this game.

PUBG New State: The game is awesome to play but not optimized that’s why the game becomes laggy and sometimes glitches. Krafton has to work on this. But the game is more realistic more than PUBG Mobile. And the graphics are awesome but dark.


I would say that you should play PUBG Mobile now and after fixing the lags and glitches then shift to NEW State.

You can also play these two games sometimes NEW State and sometimes PUBG Mobile. Just download these two games on your one device.

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