Why the Indian made battleground game Fau-G fail?

Fau-g is an Indian-made battleground game released on 26 January 2021 worldwide. The game was expected to replace Pubg Mobile after the Government of India banned Pubg in India. Akshay Kumar announced about the game on his Twitter handle, that’s why the game became a hot topic before the release.

But, present days the game has a 2/5 star rating on Google PlayStore, over 700k people rated the game on Playstore. The game is currently not played by many users and the hipe which was created before the release of the game is over right now. But why? Let’s discuss.

Reasons behind the fail of Fau-G game

The game was announced by a super famous Canadian Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on his Twitter handle, After that the media and everyone are discussed that one topic that India will create its own battleground game. But, after the release of the game no one literally no one is discussing it.

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The graphics of the game is good but not excellent like Pubg Mobile there the game fails but graphics don’t decide a game’s future as there are many other successful games like Free Fire which’s graphics are way worse than Pubg Mobile.


Bugs are a very big problem for anything not only games also websites, apps, and many more. But in the case of this game bugs are fully given to this game. Players have reported many types of bugs in the game.


Whenever someone creates a game there is a must thing to do which is called optimization. Without optimization, the game can’t run on any device properly which is happening with this game.

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Maybe the developers of the game were very pressured to release the game as soon as possible because of the hipe. And there they failed firstly. They got no time to check their game, test their game, and optimize the game. So, the outcome is here which is right now on the Playstore.

The lesson to take

There is a big lesson to take from the story of the Indian-made Battleground Fau-g is that never be pressured. Don’t release anything for pressure from the audience without full checks and tests. The hipe can make someone short term success but the good work can make someone long term successful.

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