MLSBD – Bengali Movie Piracy Website

MLSBD is a Bangladeshi movie piracy website that started to provide Bengali, Tamil, Hindi movies on their website. Without any permission from the owners of the movie. The website is currently live and there are many movies available to download there. The government of Bangladesh is unable to stop the website yet and the website is not stopped doing illegal work.

Movie piracy is a very big problem in the world as same as in India and Bangladesh. The Indian government has banned many websites like isaimini, tamilyogi, and many more.

These websites are totally illegal to use and downloading from these websites can damage your phone, laptop, pc, or any other device because files that will be downloaded from these types of illegal websites can contain malware.

Is using MLSBD safe?

No, as I said before that it is not safe for your device to download any file from any unknown and not trusted sources. Because the files that will be downloaded from these types of illegal websites can contain malware viruses and it can damage your device as well as it can hack your devices and compromise your private details including private photos, videos, etc.

Why it is Illegal to download movies from MLSBD?

The reason is simple, it is totally illegal to download anything which copyrighted and you are not downloading from the genuine owner of it. Movies are funded by producers and they spend money to create movies and they want to earn money by showing them on theatre, or in OTT. But, if someone provides the copyrighted movie without the permission of the owner then it is totally illegal.

In this case, the owner of the website can be jailed for doing these types of illegal activities. Also, downloading and watching pirated movies is also illegal and downloaders can be jailed but because there are many people doing this activity that’s why the government can’t control it. But, the government is banning websites and arresting piracy websites’ owners.

How MLSBD earn money?

Movie piracy websites earn money from many sources. They have less opportunity in advertisements as Adsense doesn’t approve these piracy websites so, they have to use other ad networks. They use shorten URL programs to earn money. There is a separate article for this question if you are interested the click here.

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