How Do YouTubers Earn Money?

Youtubers are much big part of our life they are famous they have fans like a celebrity. Youtube is a fast-growing platform for video creators provided by Google. There are many YouTubers who earn millions of dollars per month not only through advertisements but through many other sources. So, Let’s discuss these sources of earning of a YouTuber.


As I said in my last post that Advertisements are not only for websites, it is for every creator’s famous way to earn money. Although YouTube itself is a website and app. YouTube shows Advertisements before, middle, and end of the video. The advertisements are from Google Adsense which is another platform of Google.

YouTubers have to create a separate Adsense account for that as Bloggers do but they have to share their earnings with YouTube about 40% and the 60% earnings go to the video creators. Bloggers who don’t use don’t have to share any percentages with anyone.

YouTubers get a very decent amount compared to bloggers from Advertisements because they have to share it with YouTube. But there are many effective ways for Youtubers to earn more.

Affiliate Marketing

YouTubers do affiliate marketing greatly because they get the video advantage and YouTube’s promotion as compared to bloggers, they earn more from affiliate marketing. The reason is so simple they can encourage more people to buy something through their videos.

In this case, YouTubers just have to create a video about a product and then encourage their viewers to buy the product and the creator will give his affiliate link in their video description. Then if their viewers buy the product then the creator will get some commission for that.

Paid Promotions

Paid Promotions are an effective and popular way among YouTubers to earn money. In this case, brands directly contact a creator through E-mail and pay them to promote their products. The brands also send them freely their products to the creators and sometimes they can keep them forever.

Products like mobile, laptop, beauty box, applications, website and there is no end of it. YouTubers earn the highest money in this way.

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