Moviesjet – What is it? How it is getting popular

Moviesjet is a new website that is getting popularity among Indians for its Illegal movie piracy activities. The website has changed its domain extension many times, as this is a common strategy of piracy websites. The website has all the collections of Marvel movies and most Hollywood movies. The website has pirated mostly all Marvel movies and newly launched Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

It is now Illegally sharing Bollywood movies and Web Series also. Google announced its new Pirate update which says it will affect 89% of pirated websites. But, most piracy websites are ranked in the 1st position on Google, whenever people want to search it they got it in the first position.

Why MoviesJet is important?

Yes, there are many other websites like TamilYogi, which are very bigger than Moviesjet. But, the reason why I am telling that it can be the next Tamilrockers is, that this website is getting very popular and the website is very high quality.

What should be done by the Government?

I would recommend the government not only ban these websites but also do some more things. The second thing government can do is remove these websites from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.

If you go to Google and search any piracy website name on it you will find that most of the websites are ranking in the first position on Google. By blocking websites you cannot stop people from finding the new domain of the websites and opening it from Proxies and VPNs.

How MoviesJet earn money?

These movie piracy websites earn majorly from Advertisements from some small advertisers and using short link websites. Google Adsense does not approve these websites to show advertisements as these websites contain Illegal copyrighted movies.

But, Google doesn’t remove these websites from its SERP. Which gives these website owners a very good amount of traffic and ultimately they earn money from it.

Why it is Illegal to download movies from MoviesJet?

The reason is simple, it is totally illegal to download anything which copyrighted and you are not downloading from the genuine owner of it. Movies are funded by producers and they spend money to create movies and they want to earn money by showing them in theatre, or in OTT. But, if someone provides the copyrighted movie without the permission of the owner then it is totally illegal.

In this case, the website owner can be jailed for doing these types of illegal activities. Also, downloading and watching pirated movies is also illegal and downloaders can be jailed but because there are many people doing this activity that’s why the government can’t control it. But, the government is banning websites and arresting piracy websites’ owners.

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