Is Using Telegram Safe | Is Telegram Legal?

Is Using Telegram Safe

Telegram is an end-to-end encrypted social media application like WhatsApp. The app is so popular in India for private messages and many other things. Telegram has been accused that the app is used for illegal things like movie piracy, and fake vaccine certificate sharing, and many more illegal things.

Why Telegram is becoming so popular?

The main reason behind this is the app support big giant-size files to share, you can share more than 1GB size files which is not possible on WhatsApp. Telegram is becoming a hub for YouTubers and other companies because Telegram supports unlimited members on a single group or channel which WhatsApp is not supported.

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Behind this, there are many black things that are happening in the Telegram App. Many websites like the Tamilrockers and Filmyzilla many more others who share pirated content are creating channels and they are sharing pirated movies through it. The reason they are choosing Telegram is that, in Telegram, they can upload big files.

Is using Telegram safe?

Yes, Telegram is a safe application there is no issue while using Telegram but it is not safe when you are downloading something which is pirated from these types of unauthorized channels.

Why downloading from Telegram is not safe?

It is totally safe to download things when you know the sender personally. But it is not safe to download anything from unknown senders especially these types of groups that are providing pirated things.


  1. First of all, it is totally illegal to download anything which is pirated and copyrighted. If anyone is sharing any copyrighted thing on any platform without any permission from the owner then it is totally illegal.
  2. When you are going to download from these types of channels in Telegram then there are some chances that the files or movies which you are downloading may contain malware which ultimately can damage your device.
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